The absurdities of mall rentals, wait what? $20,000 a month?! 

Some of our early customers may remember that when we first launched, as with many new brands, we thought the way to start is with a physical shop. We partnered a local store located at B1 of City Link Mall @ 1 Raffles Link and had a booth at a departmental store (both have since closed).

On weekdays, if you are looking for a place to unwind, the mall at CityLink will transport you to the mythical wilderness🌲🏞️ of remote Japan, where not a single human soul can be seen and you can enjoy this tranquil oasis in deep solitude and reflection 🧘

Deal or no deal? Our dearest customers, how oh how do we give you a fantastic deal when average margins at departmental stores are roughly 42 - 50%, which means every piece sold, 50% would go to the departmental store. If our current products were sold in a departmental store today, our real leather shoes would be priced at $100+ and leather bags at $200+. At these prices, you will be turned off faster than a turn off to men🏄 with corny pick up lines. "Are you a parking ticket? Cos you got "fine" written all over you" we can live with, but whoa, no big discount, thank you next.....

One more pick up line just for laughs, please don't ever say no to the boy who picks you up with - If you were a vegetable, you'd be a "cute"cumber. How adorable right?  

When was the last time you passed by a fashion store in a mall where you felt a pair of eyes 👀 gaze longingly at you in the distance, hoping you may come in to browse? Was it yesterday? 

Or the ubiquitous phrase of the past decade, "Eh this one cheaper online ⌨️ 

This is the future of retail. Better value, better quality online.

$20,000 a month? Wow, we can have a budget wedding banquet 👰 once every 2 months. What Joy! And no, we are not kidding, $20,000 is what averagely sets you down for a good location in a prime mall coupled with labour. 

Overpriced and lower quality sums up products in mall shops. If you are truly looking for a good pair of shoes in a mall shop, from what we have seen, a price range of $70 to $120+ may bring you a decent pair. 

If that is not within your budget, anything lesser is probably synthetic PU shoes. However, how spurned we are towards PU shoes especially when it comes to covered flats.

In recent years, if you look at our significant other, those I-can't-be-bothered-with-my-looks boys 🕺 are caring for their feet more than us! 

Many are spending above a hundred dollars for real leather dress shoes, yet we ladies who tend not to wear socks with our flats, are willing to put our feet through such pain with PU shoes?! Lord have mercy on thy feet 🙏

PU shoes, the bane to our feet 

A few of you who have followed our brand from the start may know we first started selling PU shoes and did we learn some painful lessons literally! Comfort is an obvious reason against PU shoes but  the biggest issue with PU, is that it peels and flakes. Our humid weather, water contact or simply the constant friction of our feet against the material, makes this man-made material disintegrate quickly. 

Real leather has always been the gold standard 🏆 for shoes, bags, wallets. Luxury Fashion Houses ⚜️ in Europe only use real Leather. As a present for our boyfriend or husband, are we inclined towards a Braun Buffel real leather wallet we know will last or a PU wallet? If you had chosen the PU wallet, you will be buying wallets for him every six months or less as that wallet would be dropping skin faster than you drop hair 👧

Let's save our earth

This brings us to another point of PU made shoes or items. They are an integral part of the environmental problem 🌍 we are facing in the world today. Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter 🏭 in the world, just after the oil industry? PVC is also used in the production of many artificial leathers and releases large amounts of dioxins💨 into the environment. Both PU & PVC made shoes do not decompose and releases vast amounts of carbon dioxide when burnt🔥

It is very difficult to recycle ♻️ most fashion items due to the material & deep color dyes used in the manufacturing process, most of these discarded fashion items end up being burnt. PU shoes are a big polluter as they are thrown🗑️ away at a very fast rate. Many large fashion brands are cultivating us into Octopuses🐙, where we have so many legs, shoes are never enough! They wish for us to wear these shoes for a few months, some maybe even weeks before throwing it away and looking to buy a new a pair. 

Ask yourself, do you often wear a pair of PU shoes for more than a year? Or is it thrown away after just a few months because of the rapidly declining condition.

This is why real leather shoes are a much more durable option and can often last more than a year, even if you wear it almost daily. You save your feet from blisters while saving the earth too, isn't that wonderful. Real leather shoes have been worn for thousands of years. Roman soldiers wore real leather sandals 2000 years ago when they were marching hundreds of miles🏛️. Ancient romans were some of the best artisans of their time too. 

It was until some wisecrack🤓🎓 thought of a great idea to increase profits💰 when they created a synthetic shoe material while trying to give an impression that it is similar to real leather by incorporating the leather word in its name like Faux Leather or Leatherette (Wowww what a name👏). They may sound the same, but be known, they are on a completely different level, you may read more about the differences between Real & Synthetic leather. 

Come visit us

After these experiences, we aim to have an honest brand, where we use the best available real leathers whilst retailing at an affordable price. Staying lean in our business and operating online and from our Warehouse Showroom helps us bring you quality you cannot find anywhere else in Singapore. 

We know some of you may still prefer to try on the shoes before buying and that is why we encourage you to visit us.  It may not be that convenient for some, but hey, Singapore ain't that big and there are multiple ways to reach us by MRT or Bus. You will walk away with quality leather shoes comfortable enough to wear daily. 

Feel free to share this article and thanks for reading, so let's get shopping!