Shoes you can trust

Love your feet and invest in comfort to prevent foot problems such as bunions, calluses and injuries that may leave scars.

Here are 5 great reasons why investing in a pair of real leather shoes is worth it.


Real Leather Advantages


Full Grain

Cow Leather

PU / Faux / Synthetic / Microfiber /
Vegan / Leatherette

Soft & Flexible Hard & Rigid
Made to last & seasons well over time Material disintegrates and peels quickly
Natural feel & adapts to shape of feet Artificial feel & ill-fitting
Smooth leather lining reduces abrasions Prone to painful abrasions
Allows your feet to breathe Makes feet sweat more
Choice material of luxury brands Cheaply made &
does not last

Non-leather brands may incorporate the word "Leather" to describe their shoe material such as (Polyurethane) PU Leather to give the impression it is comparable to real leather.

It even mimics the looks of real leather but what cannot be mimicked is its durability and comfort which is vastly different. They do not last and will peel quickly due to our humid climate.

There is a reason why Luxury Fashion Houses only use Real Leather for their handbags and shoes.

No matter how much a brand may market or dress up their shoes, PU shoes are PU shoes, they are very cheaply made. Trust us, we once sold PU shoes, the cost difference to make a pair of PU and Real Leather shoes is huge.

*Common examples of PU shoes & bags peeling and flaking. 

Full-grain cow leather is used on all our shoes’ upper and soft Lambskin on the inner lining and insole, guaranteeing maximum comfort. Full-grain leather is widely accepted as the highest quality leather. 

Some leather brands may use PU leather for the lining or insoles to reduce cost, but this can compromise durability and comfort.