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Real leather shoes worth investing in. 


About our Brand 

It's all about what quality of material is used at the end of the day, that's what you leave with. 

Emelyn is a Singaporean shoe brand with its head office at 63 Hillview Avenue.

Our brand ethos is to forever change the way you look at shoes & bags in shopping malls with our quality, comfort and value offered. 

Authentic real leather need not be overpriced. By skipping exorbitant rents at malls and retailing exclusively online and at our Head Office Showroom, we are able to bring you real leather goods worth the long-term investment at unmatched prices. 

Emelyn shoes are designed in-house and fully made (upper, lining & insoles) using real leather. Our shoes guarantee comfort, durability, softness and a natural walking feel.

The story we wish to share

As an inexperienced shopper growing up, we are often not familiar with quality differences and make the mistake of purchasing PU (Fake leather) shoes & bags which are ubiquitous in shopping malls across Singapore. Almost always, we are left disappointed with both the comfort and durability of our purchase.

It is only as we grow older that we experience real leather and realize the numerous advantages it has.

Quality & comfort wise, there is no substitute for real leather. We say this with conviction, once you have experienced real leather shoes and bags, you will never return to PU made products. Read the many advantages of Real Leather over Synthetic/PU. The cost to make PU shoes can be 5-10 times cheaper than real leather. 

We only use real leather as only real leather lasts. All other man-made materials disintegrate quickly. With real leather you may even be saving money over the long run by buying less, a pair of real leather shoes can easily outlast 3-4 pairs of PU shoes, not to mention the incredible comfort and classy real leather look. With our direct online strategy, our shoes actually retails slightly more than PU shoes, but are leaps and bounds better in quality and lastingness. 

For some dear customers who have supported us since our launch, might know that we used to retail our products at various physical stores including departmental stores.

The margins absorbed by these stores are roughly 40 - 50%, our shoes were previously sold close to a $100. Every piece sold, 50% would go to the departmental store. That is why on average, you see real leather products retailed at this price range at physical stores. 

So how do we bring you affordable leather products? 

By selling to you direct and doing away with with unnecessary mark ups. Real leather goods are very expensive to produce, the cost difference with PU is enormous. At Emelyn, we assure you that for the quality of leather offered, you will not be able to find a better deal anywhere else in Singapore. 

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We warmly invite you to visit us to view our full collection. You will be amazed. 

We can be easily reached by public transport, the bus stops right outside our building. See directions here.


Opening Hours: 

63 Hillview Avenue, Lam Soon Industrial Building, #09-22 Singapore 669569

***By Appointment Only*

Appointments may be made on the following days:

Mon-Fri: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 1pm - 7pm 
Sunday: 1pm - 7pm

To make an appointment:

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